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Instigator is a process-based exhibition that gradually gets completed in four weeks by daily interactive performances.
Using different mediums to deal with a world that is declining in many ways, Shahram Entekhabi, the Berlin-based artist and Ghazaleh Seidabadi create stories, imagination and abstraction in this project.
From a symbolic point of view, this exhibition is a summon of mythical narratives, religions and the good and evil.
Using different materials in installation and video, Entekhabi addresses the impact of superstitions and beliefs formed in popular culture and the confusion of contemporary man between past, present and future, the desire for meta-utopia, environmental issues, women, media and digital colonization.
The most important outcome of this exhibition is that it is about the influence of media in placing the objective matter instead of the imaginary (tale) in the life of contemporary man. As Herbert Marcuse, a theorist of Frankfurt School indicates, the media guides the human mind in its desired direction and makes a tamed person out of him that the will of questioning, curiosity and imagination has died in him. This one-dimensional man leads to a one-dimensional society and so causes a one-dimensional cinema, literature, art, terminology and love.