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Industrial Heritage

An exhibition of installations by 28 artists is held in the sheds of a factory outside the city, by the efforts of Pooya Aryanpour and Ava Shirjafari. The works have been defined according to 13 different sites of the factory such as the production hall, resin factory, dryer, workers’ residence and etc, and have been selected from among various proposals.
Working in the sheds has led to large-scale constructions and the darkness of the space and long nights, have caused a possibility to present works with special lighting or using projected images, which has added to the visual character of this show. The whole exhibition in the destroyed space of the factory, along with what is left of it, tries to show a new life in this space, and “Industrial Heritage” is a perfect title for introducing this project.
Undoubtedly, the happening of this exhibition in the space left by the factory has created a different atmosphere with a specific visual potential that is valuable in these dull days of our visual art. However, the vastness of
the space and multiplicity of the works (14 independent projects with different concepts) are the strength and also the Achilles heel of this show, as it has a confusing space even with a guide map, and the presence of guides has given it a sensation of entering bourgeois restaurants, that is inconsistent with the factory and its presentation idea.
So, the question is, do all works fit into the statement of the show? And has been in a space other than a gallery added anything to all the works or has it given some of them just a decorative aspect?