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In Appreciation of Blinking

Eight works of Hoda Kashiha titled as “In Appreciation of Blinking” have been presented in Parallel Circuit Gallery. These paintings are installed on metal bases, one behind the other. Her paintings have always been done in a varied, clear colorful pallet without any gray color, but in this series, we are confronted with a vast amount of black. In the first work, there is a reference to the classic paintings which shows the artist’s commitment and interest in art history. But gradually, the images of art history are replaced by some digital images, emojis, and anime characters which are the prominent features of her work. Her characters show human emotions. One of the other features of her work is the simultaneous abstract figures by means of colorful and figurative layers. The closer we get to the last works in this series, the darker and blacker the layers become, until the last one, which is totally black.
The paintings in this series have a colorful perspective, meaning that in colorful images, the background is blurry and gray, and the foreground is drawn with clear and vivid lines.
In Kashiha’s previous works, improvisation was more obvious, but in these works, the conscious use of black is quite visible and shows her thoughts and worldview. The artist believes in a lack of absolutism towards the events, and the use of characters shows her sense of humor about events that, while important, can be completely absurd.