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نمایشگاه باز خواهم گشت گالری محسن

I Will Return

Mojtaba Amini has held an exhibition titled as “I Will Return” in Mohsen Gallery. This show is an effort to refer socio-politically to a hashtag that was trended by Palestinianns on social medias, after the death of Mohamed Abu Amr, a Palestinian artist in 2018.

According to his works from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s sculptures to his silver-plated and gilded stones after 2009’s election, until his last collection exhibited in Mohsen Gallery, Amini has targeted to be in the position of a protesting artist. Numerous collages with various writings and elements, along with a mess that seems to be a superficial shape of the connection of the events in today’s society to the events borrowed from the Arab artist, especially in such atmosphere.

It must be said that such seemingly unsuccessful, disordered and confused effort is suspended between protesting and being seen.