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نمایشگاه از مردن خسته شده‌ام گالری چوم ( انزلی)

I am Tired of Dying

A long silence between the pages of the newspaper, a deep cut into the depth of history and a hand that intervenes with pressure. Images that are selected and letters that appear on paper from any time and place in pieces.

The exhibition “I am Tired of Dying” includes 21 works that only 10 of them are placed on the wall in Choom Gallery. Farshid Davoudi has made some canvas from newspapers and has printed its images and letters on them. What establishes the visual interaction with the viewer in all the works, is their basis that once have been influential as a media in a certain history, but now those materials have become compressed and cut and have turned to be the basis of the works in this exhibition. From choosing the name to the elements and details that we see in the works, they all speak of a re-reading.

The artist has tried with all his mental dispersion to search for news and events that are constantly happening, and expresses his own personal meaning by repeating and putting some of them together. He creates different experiences by combining symbols, colors and fonts in a specific process to ask questions in a simple language.