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Exhibition Review

Here Women Laugh Out Loud

Exhibition of Tamer Tamar the Turkish photographer curated by Yalda Moaiery as her first experience in this area is being held at Dena Gallery.

Photographs show Iranian women (since 2014 till today) doing their daily activities; whether one is smoking shisha or hugging a snowboard.

Nothing specific happens in the pictures and that is considered as the strength point of the works by the curator, saying the artist has done it with no prejudice. However the artist talks of his efforts to portray a different image from what western countries have of people in developing countries (Iranian women). This is what does not allow an artist to work with no prejudice.

Besides, there is a mannequin featured also in the poster which is itself a symbolic sign which pushes the audience to the pre-assumptions.

 In general, what we are faced with is some images that their only link is the women as the subjects, which seems as if they have been separated from a larger picture and then linked to each other by the statement.