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Hafez Rouhani

When I was younger, I believed that during political crises, economic hardships or social difficulties, artistic creation and consequently writing about art (which I have been doing for years) is a useless act, just to satisfy our hunger (which probably is). Although the passage of time has added to the difficulties and pressures (that the global virus of corona has given it a new meaning), but the age increasing and maybe what they call it experience made me believe that what I do might be to satisfy my hunger, but is not futile for sure.
Whether we see art as a form of expression or a tool for imagination, a means of perceiving the world or a way to advertise, it has a strange ability to overcome the limitation of time that years later, centuries later or in other eras can receive some definitions or different fantasies; the same thing that may happen to my writings or those of my colleagues by chance, so that a wiser, more educated (and maybe luckier) generation look at them out of compassion and read the story of our times. I hope we would be proud of their judgment, as these cursory notes seem to be shaping the history.

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