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Glorious Decay 2015-2020

“Glorious Decay 2015-2020” is a series of images presented in Assar Gallery by Samira Alikhanzadeh, which is done in a mixed-media method combined with mirrors, colors and etc.
Vintage photographs of women have been the subject of her works for two decades, which had been delivered to her in various ways. The difference in the images in this series is that they are taken outside the atelier, mostly in the houses, probably by a home photographer. The figures are present in these images with some not-so-special clothes and non-atelier poses. Except for one image which is a family photo, the subject in the rest of the images are women. In fact, beauty and its importance and their social role throughout history have been the main reasons for the artist for choosing the subject.
The thing about these photographs is that it is the time that separates us from them, and this time is exactly when we were not born; the lives of those whose existence preceded ours. We get surprised when we see someone familiar dressed differently. In her recent works, however, the mirrors have been considered larger than before. Their presence, specifically in these works is an element that helps the audience to interact, as he refers to themselves while watching the work. How distanced he is from the time in the image can create a sense of discovery and coexistence with the lost world.

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