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Ebrahim Haghighi staring at nature to express gloom.!
The paintings of Ebrahim Haghighi in Etemad Gallery are visions of the untouched nature in which vast skies, trees, and forest mountains are depicted in a foggy atmosphere and with no presence of any human. These works, at first glance, look like some photographs of nature, which have been edited by software and some filters have been applied to them, but getting closer to the works, the effect of chalk pastel on the cardboard done with a high technical skill becomes visible. Haghighi worked on this series during the Corona Virus pandemic, when the quarantine restrictions caused a situation for many people to stay home. Looking at the photographs of nature taken with his own digital camera, he works on this subject to declare a metaphor for his feeling. The variety of colors in these works has a sense of poetry that has made them more different and pleasant, which can be considered one of the attractive features of this show. However, looking for a more different feature in these images, they cannot offer anything better than what a camera can do in order to attract the audience.