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Funny Games

“Funny Games” is taken from a movie of the same title by Michael Haneke, which Navid Zafar has chosen for his recent series of paintings. In this collection, the characters in the paintings do not have any weapons of violence, but something like a trace of blood can be seen in the paintings.
In these works, the artist has depicted some familiar spaces such as theatrical scenes, street showmanship, or street plays, and by using some sharp and warm colors such as red and purple, as well as free and expressive brushes, he has tried to displace the naked violence in the paintings and show un-beautiful shows. For example, how the child is hugged in the painting that there is a man on the stage, totally gives this feeling to the audience that the child is being annoyed.
All these scenes emphasize the concept that we are all watching a game and nothing more, while the artist seems to be trying to remind us that we are living in violence. and such experience is so repetitive in our everyday life that has become normal; like watching Tazieh (religious plays), the execution scenes and etc.

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