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From the “War Photographers” Collection

Unveiling the new book of Sasan Moayedi containing his “War Photographers” collection, Iranian Photographers’ Forum has organized an exhibition of his works. His images of war-torn Tehran along with his other large-scale photographs have been printed and hanged on the wall with no frames. Such pure display of his works beside a brief biography, all illustrates his thought on photography. Having some descriptions alongside the photographs can be named as another positive point that gives us accurate information about the civilians’ space.

Although this cannot be considered as a perfect exhibition, but it seems to be a more successful one in terms of presentation comparing to the other one in Dena Gallery which has also exhibited some of his works simultaneously.

The photographs of Sasan Moayedi from the military maneuvers at Monirieh Square and migration of the Tehrani civilians to the other cities are definitely some rare-seen images from the sacred defense era and a confirmation on his treasured archive and priceless experiences of historical events.

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