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From Studio

There are many reasons why Manouchehr Motabar must be known better. He is one of the most influential teachers and most active contemporary artists with a key role in the development and flourishing of figurative painting in Tehran in recent decades. “From Studio” at Azad Art Gallery has provided this to see and study the result of the achievement and continuation of eighty-five years of being an artist.
The works and installation of this exhibition have been selected in a way that the audience can get different visual information about the artist’s process of work, including an installation of the artist’s desk, his paintings, drawings, and memorable photographs of different years of his activity. Also, the impact of space and phenomena in shaping the artist’s work and ideas can be found in this exhibition. These effects sometimes appear as a repetitive visual element, such as the ARJ Chair that is visible in many of his works and can also be seen in an installation of the studio space and artist’s desk located in a corner of the gallery. It sometimes refers to his technical skills in different periods of his career, like three oil paintings in relatively small dimensions, that date back to the late 60s. The importance of this exhibition is because of providing a perfect and different understanding of Manouchehr Motabar’s working process.