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For Your Eyes Only

Keiman tries to create some fresh food for our eyes from what is imposed on us.
The material of his work seems to be anything that is widely consumed by humans and gets the most influence from the media and the images that are represented in this way. In one place King Kong and somewhere else Godzilla have been the subject of his work; familiar images that we face, if not constantly, but continuously. He takes these images out of their context and creates a new meaning by putting them together in a new context. The meaning can be different for each audience, and this is exactly what the artist himself has wanted to happen. He points out that sometimes even a new meaning may not be discovered for the audience and only show a momentary reaction to the work, which incidentally does not seem to him as a problem.
The exhibition consists of three sections. The most visible part is his drawings of fire entitled “burnt” which has dedicated a complete wall to itself. The works in this exhibition are selected from a larger collection entitled “Nutrition” which he is still working on.