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Fluid Imagination

The display of “Fluid Imagination” at Aria Gallery as it is mentioned in the statement, is seeking to express its words in the simplest possible way, regardless of answering the question that what this simplicity does for us and why it is necessarily considered a value. It can be thought that hanging on to simplicity is sometimes due to the weaknesses found at work! The placement of image and text beside each other in their simplest and most explicit state has made Samira Eskandarfar consider her works as pictorial-written haikus and believes that it is their own desire to be present that has caused them to come and slip out of nowhere to our world! From an infinite world to this limited one, and it seems that the limitations of this world have affected her work! She believes that her work moves across borders and never falls into any boundaries. It is neither illustration, nor anything else, but she insists on them as painting, as she believes that painting is a more personal and artistic medium and is more expressive, which is the same thing that has caused her to narrate stories for us that are inspired by others’ thoughts (Suhrawardi, as cited by the artist) and her own thoughts.
But it can be asked whether these works are actually painting or illustrations. Or does being this or that would make any difference in analyzing the situation? Is it true that illustration is less expressive than painting and is a medium less personal and artistic? Basically, is it even accepted in contemporary art to give superiority to a specific medium?