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Exhibition Review

First Exercise: Decay

 ‘First Exercise: Decay’ is a series worked by Mahoor Zahraei, influenced by Robert Adams’ ‘Summer Nights, Walking’; with this difference that in addition to mapping based on the new topographers’ traditions, the use of the Venus statue in the corners of his works is visible.

Zahraei considers his collection as a homework of the photography flows in America during 70s and 80s, due to the lack of effective thinking and visual flows in Iran’s photography.

By exploring urban and non-urban spaces, Zahraei has selected positions close to Adams’ photographs and has added a sculpture which in Greek culture is the symbol of beauty and love to create a discourse that adds a conceptual aspect in addition to topographical look.

His work contains of the statue of Venus that after centuries has lost its greatness and beauty, and the nature that is being destroyed due to our life style.

Zahraei’s works adhere to Adams’ photographs, but in terms of content there is no trace of his works. However, he has tried to recover it by placing the statue and creating a conceptual space.

Since the title of the exhibition addresses a serial work, we must wait and see what would be his direction in future works and how would he communicate with the audience.