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نمایشگاه وفاداری؛ اعداد سیاست گالری محسن

Fidelity; Numbers of Politics

In continuation of the exhibition “Fidelity; Names of Politics” which was held at Mohsen Gallery in 2018, Amirhossein Bayani presented an exhibition entitled “Fidelity; Numbers of Politics”.

In his previous collection, he worked on the subject of politics by focusing on influential revolutionary and social figures with a pictorial and metaphorical look. Using abbreviation letters derived from the names of the characters in the paintings, he forces the audience to think and analyze the names that each is a piece of the historical, social and political puzzle of Iran.

It is through this path that the audience realizes the essence of the work by discovering the name. By placing his subject in an infinite space full of color, Bayani gives a dramatic aspect to the connection between nature and death. The political and power relations which from now on are more visible in two series of the works of the artist, takes the form of a political action in our politicized society. But this time, he makes this connection happen not with the idealistic aspect of his paintings’ characters, but a romantic look.

The common point in both these two collections is death; where the life of the individuals with all their intellectual and ideological backgrounds have been reduced to some numbers or their names have been faded and disappeared between the names. There is no escape from death, this inevitable destiny of the human. However, what remains is the action of people to someone else’s death, which Bayani has followed such important subject well.