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نمایشگاه کاغذ حاصلخیز گالری باوان

Fertile Paper

The group exhibition of “Fertile Paper” includes works by 8 young artists. Works of each artist are hanged on the white walls of gallery in two floors linearly and separately with a proper distance. The installation and large space of the gallery has provided a good opportunity for works to be seen. This exhibition is consisted of themes such as Persian miniature, memories, nature, existence versus non-existence, discovery and search.

According to a part of the statement, “paper is the main material of these artists”; a material that has linked these works.

In contemporary art, material has an important role in artworks, as it is one of the main pillars of art production. However, seeing the works of the artists presented in this exhibition, this question arises in the mind of the viewer: Has the paper been used as a primer platform just like the artists of different periods of art history, to objectify the mental secrets of the artists? Or does it have an important role in the works?

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