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نمایشگاه نقاشی‌های فرشید ملکی نام هنرمند فرشید ملکی گالری‌ هور

Farshid Maleki’s Paintings

Farshid Maleki’s painting exhibition at Hoor gallery starts with this text: “My works, especially my drawings, are not authoritarian; as I myself…”, and includes fifteen paintings on canvas; paintings from the unconsciousness that depict figures and mental characters in a variety of situations. An image that may seem scary and lustful at first, without being really terrible and erotic. The range of colors, in companionship of light and dark grays, is used with limited choices of color. The brushes are usually free and fluid; in some places the borders are blurred and in some, obsession is visible in the brush’s movement. Although the works do not refer any specific and known space, but yet are not meaningless and unfamiliar.

Looking closely at these paintings, the transfer of concepts and the expression of mental ideas play an effective role through technical facilities. For example, Maleki uses color to embody the intangible subject of missing, though he does not depict just one period. However, a clear and desirable feeling for the past is findable in these paintings.

There is no real narration in these paintings to enumerate any exact meaning for them. Maleki refains from adhering to issues such as class, age or gender and in a regular process, depicts the human form that looks unpleasant and confusing in relation to the space. His paintings are a vision of night-time solitude. A night that is both real and symbolic, with a language that is fresh and in connection with the artist’s personality.

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