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Farhad Fakhrian

After a long period of being away from home, I was asked to comment briefly in 200 words on Iranian contemporary art and its position. I don’t know why I would rather to share my views with my friends by an example of music in Iran, though visual art and especially photography is my main field,
Mohamadreza Shajarian has a son named Homayoun. Anoushiravan Rohani also has a son named Reza. Shahram Nazeri also has a son named Hafez. Hosein Khaje Amiri also has a son named Ehsan. Mohamadtaghi Maghsoodlou also has a son named Amirhosein Maghsoodlou, who has named himself Amir Tataloo. I don’t know whose son Seyed Hosein Mousavi is who has named himself Tohi (empty)! So meaningful!
Well! That’s it! If you wanna know more about Iranian contemporary art, you can call and ask for ten! Cause one is not enough! One is not enough!
Position? Homayoun Shajarian has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and Amir Tataloo has four million. You can search and find the rest yourself.
Let me see! Was my comment clear and instructive enough? Was it postmodern? Well! Yeah! A bit..

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