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Three days after the opening of Sasan Moayedi’s works at Iranian Photographers’ Forum, Dena Gallery also exhibited some of his works curated by Farshid ParsiKia. The photographs presented in both galleries are from his war series and some of these works are displayed in both spaces.

The curator defines the works here as a farewell from one situation to the other; a definition which is visible in some of the images. The simultaneous display of these works in two different spaces has provided the opportunity to explore some common works in two different spaces.

Dena gallery’s approach to Moayedi’s works is not a mere documentary photography, but seemingly ParsiKia has searched more in his works for a conceptual and classical aesthetic aspect of photography as a document. However the wide black frames with glass, bad lighting and lots of reflections have extremely damaged the quality of exhibition. The question that arises is if there has been a reason for exhibiting some identical works of an artist in two different spaces at the same time. 

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