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Fading Away

Inspired by the darkness of the past years, Shirin Heidarinejad has exhibited a series of works titled “Fading Away” on the second floor of O Galley. Putting this title beside the statement, easily identifies the artist’s purpose, as if she wants to show an apocalyptic world by creating some dark and uninhabited places and the footprints of people who have recently left.
Although placing light beside shadow and using signs of the presence of civilization in some works evoke a sense of waiting, the power of contrast and darkness of the space completely diminishes it and gives it a terrifying role.
The media of print and the meso and monoprint technique have helped her in this regard and reminds the period of expressionist painters, which adds more to its bitter and dark space. Even the choice of wide dark wooden frames traps the inner space of the frame more.
Perhaps a more appropriate installation would have helped the works to be seen better. The large number of works and their small sizes in the big and white space of the gallery have easily disconnected the audience from the works.