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The paintings of Ali Roustaeeyanfard in O Gallery deal with architecture, buildings, and spaces that were once in the city, but are not anymore, and so he has made the entrance gates of Tehran the subject of his work. Accident is inevitable in the process of his work and a mixture of different materials on cardboard is the technique of his work, which seems to be more of a combination of oil paint and oil pastel.
Besides working on Tehran’s entrance gates, in some works he has made only one magnificent architectural building the subject of his work; such as the Dome of Soltaniyeh which is so attractive that in praise of it, the painter seeks to make it of his own by painting it. This makes the audience face the contradiction of what the artist’s intention has been in choosing this subject. Has it been just the architecture that was primarily important to him in terms of narrative and study in the painting space, or was it looking for a more mental connection to express a memory of the city and its traditional texture which no longer exists?
Although these components show a thematic aspect and mental engagement of the artist for finding a different expression, but looking at his visual characters, the visual elements are usually pictured from opposite and neutral angles, and the result is very improvised.