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نمايشگاه سرخوشی هنرمند امیرحسین زنجانی گالرى محسن


One of the reasons why AmirHossein Zanjani’s paintings are interesting is the subjects he draws. The placement of elements is impressively coherent in his paintings from his first works to the recent ones and the presence of human figure is always faced with a clear worldview. His skill in painting is exemplary and he seems to be familiar with the difficulties of figurative oil painting, as one cannot ignore his solutions in this case.

Zanjani’s recent exhibition, titled “Euphoria”, is the result of the contrast between politics and daily routines. His painting behavior can be examined in continue, with the difference that the form of the search and the subject he has chosen this time for painting, seems to be sometimes imposed on his work. His visual impressions are mainly collected from visual sources shared on social media. The size of the works has changed and most of the canvases are small. Less thick colored layers have been used and more transparent layers are visible in the executive context of the work. We see new colors on his paintings, which he has used rarely before. It seems as if the artist has limited himself to a summary in this series and has used a linear narrative.

Although Amir-Hossein Zanhani’s different methods and expressions can be clearly seen in these paintings, but the sensitivity he has had towards painting, has been proceeded with a little indifference in this collection and he no longer doubts anything. The sensitivity that was visible in the presentation of his previous works, is not noticeable in terms of quality in this exhibition.

Perhaps it can be concluded that Zanjani is undergoing a kind of revision today to carry the continuation of his professional path.