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After a period of lethargy due to the pandemic, the art scene seems to be reviving and there are events taking place in the galleries. Hosein Tadi’s exhibition is one of them happening in Vali Gallery. It can wash the sleep out of your eyes if you face a work while entering and be not able to estimate its dimensions; a compact work that has occupied the whole space of the gallery and is intended to throw out the surprised viewer.
Hosein Tadi who has chosen drawing as his medium for many years now knows the value of calligraphy and is aware of the contemporary features of the drawing. By the use of drawing as a direct, bold, and interactable medium with installation, he highlights the restless soul of his work. The wavy lines and their twisting rhythms are homogeneous with the rebelliousness of the installation.
In this work, Tadi is more focused on portraits; some multifaceted, duplicated and soul-less faces which are visible and invisible based on how they are installed, some people piled on top of each other, tangled and pressed, a world about to explode.