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Sayeh Gallery is exhibiting paintings by Sepehr Alimohamadloo. ‘Entanglement’ narrates short stories of a time that their memories has come alive by reviewing the album. Moments of life that that last, stop, freeze and return to their routine.

To understand Alimohamadloo’s, it might be better to get help from scientific concepts. Entanglement is a concept in quantum physics that described so in Wikipedia: “Entanglement is a label for the observed physical phenomenon that occurs when a pair of particles is generated; particles that have previously interacted with each other and then have separated.”

In fact, quantum entanglement is a two-particle photon that has never existed at same time, but could communicate with one another that is the relation of two photons beyond time. This means that after the first’s destruction, the latter has been created and apart from their connection, have never been simultaneously in world. The painter’s narratives in these works either depict the humans’ presence beside each other at specific moments or the times of his own. 

Science and art are the two sides of a coin; sticking together but separated. Although they seem to have no functional link together, but both are moving toward discovering the universe.

In this series of work, particles and photons are considered as people and their relations. To gain a deeper insight about his works, it is best to understand scientific concepts and know his characters.