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Enghelab; the Third Folder

After two years, Aria Gallery is again hosting the “Folder” exhibitions of Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh in two floors. The third folder is about the most keyword of the last forty-three years of Iran’s history: “Enghelab”
In this exhibition, which is curated by him, the works of 16 young artists are presented on the wall. Some of these names such as Negin Firouzi, Farzaneh Rezaei, and Mehran khoshnevis are familiar to us due to their presence in previous folders of Valiasr and Shariati, and the maturity of their work is visible in this path. Among the new names, the projects of Yasmin Vafaei (images captured from under the veil), Saba Safaei (monochrome images from Enghelab Street), and Negar Mohseni (pin-hole images) take more attention. We can also mention the presence of Parmis Hakimi’s work, which obviously has taken a lot of time and energy. The photos of Hedieh Khazaei with the presence of no man also show us some images of this street that looks no familiar anymore.
Enghelab is a big project with different aspects and dimensions. This vastness is to some extent visible in the title and the presentation of the works. However, the other less-known aspects of this street could also be considered and this is what can be thought about or asked questions, as it seems like some of the works have failed to open new doors to us. It must also be considered that these are the efforts of a generation, that some of them are not even twenty yet!
During these years, Manouchehrzadeh has tried to practice and perform the missing chains of academic photography education with others. In this route, he has gathered many people himself, and together, they have promised us as more optimistic ones, a future different from the current situation. With all its weaknesses, Enghelab is on the path to maturity and has considered itself a space in the visual history of Iran, and is moving in that direction.
May their path continue!

Artists: Parmis Hakimi, Negin Firoozi, Golnaz Zibandehkhoo, Mehran Khoshnevis, Farzaneh Rezaei, Amirhadi Shirzadi, Hediyeh Khazaei, Sana Ahmadizadeh, Amin Vaziri, Yasmin Vafaei, Sahar Khazaei, Negar Mohseni, Saba Safaei, Erfaneh Roozgard, Amirbahador Bayat, Kaveh Zohdi