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نمایشگاه به من نگاه نکنید گالری هما

Don’t Gaze at Me

“Don’t Gaze at Me” is the title of the latest series of work by Shantia Zakerameli, exhibited at Homa Gallery. In this exhibition, we are faced with a collection of his works, including some paintings on canvas and several sketches with a specific approach that rarely has been found in his working process. Documenting events with a camera and turning them into painting is one of the characteristics of his works. He captures images that he has lived and is in fact his living experience; a man who is in interaction with nature. Man is not a part of the nature in his paintings, rather is in search of an empty space in nature, to find peace and feed his curiosity.

Some of the paintings directly show their originality as a photograph, but some that are merged with the artist’s deep sense and imagination, are far from being a picture and sometimes evoke illusions in mind such as a dream. These works represent a time when dreams are accompanied by fear, and such attitude is visible in the area of his look and how he uses expression tools. His sketches do not have much of the human side. It is as if the artist recalls the events from a suspicious and suspended point of view and in some cases this imagination is along with a cartoon character, which is an approval for his mental events.

Photography might be used as his tool, but he has translated it into his own visual language. Shantia’s sketches and paintings are a reflection of his studies and skills in whatever he depicts. 

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