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As Dariush Ashoori points out in an article named “Strayed between Eastern & Western Worlds”, discourse means a set of vision that affects the mind through stabilized vocabularies and speech.

The works of Hooman Derakhshandeh titled as ‘Discourse’ is an attempt to link the street art and what presents in the galleries. It is as if he has eliminated pieces of street graffities from their context and has presented them in a totally different space.

Using street signs and mixing them with this style of painting indicates his attempt to create a discourse that can make a reading between street as a living space and the individual behavior and their mutual affects.

Separating the work with street style from its context and displaying it inside a gallery, despite the use of female characters that seemingly their purpose are solely visual attraction, have failed to create a powerful discourse; because when it comes to the discourse in urban space, in addition to the urban signs, different typographies and various aspects of the city are also important and this is what his series lacks.