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Reza Abedini is undoubtedly one of the most important artists of the last few decades, who has had a great impact on Iranian new graphics and has been able to create a new visual taste with his works. The artistic behavior of Reza Abedini is somewhere between tradition and innovation and is searching for lost unity in the historical visual culture. The latest work of this artist titled “Delimitation” is now on show in +2 Gallery. These works are inspired by drawings and manuscripts of the Safavid and Qajar period, drawn and done as a thematic context on cardboard.
The light color of cardboard and the black color are the only dominant tonalities in most of the works, which include various forms from calligraphy to still life and the human figure. These works are in continuation of his previous exhibition at Ab Anbar Gallery. He also studies the relationship between line and drawing and seeking to experience new expressive capacities, he uses form and meaning to achieve a similar visual understanding.
Reza Abedini’s tendency towards literary and visual culture has caused him to act as a new narrator of the cultural tradition and to continue the chain of communication with the past.
His work, along with other conceptual and thematic interpretations can be considered as a translation of tradition to the present, and its importance is in the fact that the meaning of the words leads to the formation of a contemporary form of tradition in the heart of the form he chooses.