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The coincidence of the opening of this exhibition and the presidential election is one of the most important points in Katayoun Karami’s concept.
Entering the Azad Art Gallery, two simple white pedestals show up in the middle of a relatively empty space, on both of which there are some flat glasses of the same size, with the difference that a green glass is placed inside the glassy structure of the left one and a red glass between the right one. The confrontation of the red color of blood, death, and martyrdom beside the other color, as the symbol of the Green Movement, and the short period of this exhibition and even its title, complete this puzzle. The different lighting of the structures is also visible. The red layer with its strong light has affected the other layers, though the green color with weaker lighting has affected its next layers less and seems to be struggling to survive.
In addition to these two, there is a book on the table at a corner of the gallery, with a page, kept open with a stone; A poem by Orhan Veli Kanik titled “I Can’t Explain” which is as if the artist has opened out her heart to the audience due to her inability and metamorphosis.