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Two Series of Works by Davood Emdadian

Davood Emdadian is a well-known artist who graduated from the Faculty of Decorative Arts in 1970, went to Paris with a one-year scholarship, and stayed and worked there until the end of his life in 2005. Many galleries in France exhibited his works, and from the 2000’s onwards, his works were exhibited many times in Iran.

There are many figurative and still-life works from this artist, but his fame was mainly because of his deep look at nature. Focusing on nature, Davood Emdadian represented a poetic and glorious side of nature. Tree has a special role in his works. They look like big rocks that sometimes seem strangely surreal, as if they are not real. Painting trees for about twenty-five years, give them a new identity. It goes beyond painting and takes us to a mysterious land that seems to be our shelter. The tree becomes a fertile earth that a world is based on that.

“Trees were always present in his works. Tree was not started in a specific time, he just started painting different trees from the beginning of the 2000s. He painted only trees. They were very abstract with geometric form, but light and color were always important in his work and were used with a special skill and elegance”, Soheila Niknam, his wife narrated.

Playing with color, light and shadows in his works is in a way that his paintings seem alive, even if we are sure such trees do not exist in nature. In his fruitful artistic life, he won several awards, which the awards from Taylor Foundation and Charles Oulmont Foundation can be named as the most important ones. At a time when painting intends to talk with its audience, Davood Emdadian works are an entry point to enjoy the act of looking.