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نمایشگاه تضاد گالری پلتفرم ۳


The old and renovating space of 3Platform Gallery is hosting the works of Alireza Faridani with a terrifying music and high-contrast lighting, similar to the atmosphere of horror movies. Some sculptures are made from combining a part of doll with wire, wood and some daily consuming items which have become so scary and mysterious unlike their name. The harsh shadows of the dolls hung from the ceiling have fallen on the wall and sometimes spin with a breeze and dance. It is as if each of them is a symbol of a different personality that over time has moved away from its doll-like and delicate identity and has become a new and different type from its original one.

However, beside these good examples and atmosphere, the question is: to what extent does Alireza Faridani’s doll’s house correspond (or is in contrast) to the statement and the title of his exhibition? What has the framed and different collage from the other works on the wall helped the collection? Or has it not gone to the typecasting and is this much feminine sign and sexual elements is not in danger of being typed?

A dumb face on stretched legs or a face wrapped in wire with a wooden thumb on the head, which is reminiscent of likes on social networks or a work that is located in the closet and away from the rest, on metal base and without any sexual elements is named beautiful mind.