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Exhibition Review

Coloured Drawings By Farshid Maleki

Farshid Maleki is an accomplished painter and powerful drawer. The exhibition includes two drawings and all the rest are paintings. In his paintings popular terminology and the issues of ordinary people is used in a certain form, which from all the contemporary artists has only been owned by Maleki.

The space in these works charts various situations originating from his visual language, in which the audience faces a madness of the image; a madness that prevents the audience from entering the work and takes away his power of analysis and judgement.

Maleki is not afraid of expressing and visualizing the ugliness. The fear of a possible bad outcome never keeps him from picturing the terrible reality. Based on the situation, his visual characters can be indifferent or bring the feeling of fear with them. This can be seen in his works of figures in companion with dogs or wolves. Reality and beauty as the two characteristics that are constantly examined together, find a bitter form in Maleki’s works which declares the artist’s personality.

Although it is not possible to deny the similarity of his work to some examples in western painting, but to keep the originality of work, artist has to raise the level of his expectations from his own work.

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