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نمایشگاه کالبد گالری اُ


“Body” is the title of Boyeh Sadatnia’s third solo exhibition, displayed at O Gallery. The site of art creation is the transition of an exterior image from artist’s filter that results an inner world and so we name it a work of art. Artist’s conscious look to the context and spirit of the time he is living in, is what gives it identity.

Boyeh Sadatnia’s works are the result of contemplation and thoughts in the time she lives in; an anxious, fast and unfamiliar world. Form in her works does not have any fixed, static and definite aspect. It is as if the “Body” collection is the documentation of a moment in the midst of a metamorphosis. This is such dynamism in her sketches that pushes her works to the edge of abstract aesthetics and leaves the audience between a figurative, non-figurative and abstract interpretation.

The artist’s created world is the result of the removal of physical boundaries of the external world; deformed figures and spaces and an atmosphere that now seems unfamiliar. In this collection, Sadatnia seems to be searching for an abstract discovery through a real intuitive solution. She depicts her excitement and feelings around the context and geography in which we live in. Maybe this common sense between the quality and the conditions of our current life with the painted forms is one of the reasons that makes the audience get connected with her abstract works.

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