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While entering the gallery, there is a large New Jersey concrete block that has blocked the entrance and has prevented the audience from walking easily into the gallery. Such entry invites the viewers, in the beginning, to see a collection of works by various artists with the theme of the city. But what is the city they describe like?
The statement of this exhibition written by Asieh Mazinani does not refer to the city, but to the position of its people; where it expands and changes in the pursuit of the interests of the system in power, regardless of the wishes and needs of its inhabitants, and its people are not citizens and owners of the city, but its prisoners.
Such entrance and statement promise to encounter a pleasant event. From the concrete cats on the floor that get crushed under the audiences’ feet, to the presence of 22 artists with different mediums and techniques from performance to painting, photography, and sculpture, each tells us a different story of their captivity from the perspective of a blockade. In fact, a complete collection has been gathered and its simultaneous occurrence with the changing of the city council members has made it worth having a visit and think.
However, collecting the works of these artists from their previous series of works with no text was a notable point in this exhibition, and if their works have not been seen before, they could make no sense as they should and even looked crowded and chaotic.