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Big Fish

Ghasemi Brothers’ joint project titled as ‘Red Room’ due to their visual concerns was about ecosystem and was more an experimental work. ‘Big Fish’ series is thematically following that same path, though the owrks’ structure is more coherent.

This collection is about interests and visions painted with bright colors on large canvas. Its presentation allows the viewer to look again at the subject that artist has tried to portray in his daily life. The fact that each scene has been recreated in painting, distances from the subject’s influence because of the thick and tangled colors and this way, it refers to the current situation.

However, as the images and subjects tend to the imagination, eventually admit some limitations, and the compositions become complex. This makes the imaginary characters insist on their illusion and abstraction with their stillness and stability and dissimilarity to the normal acts and routines of the outside world. Overall, this exhibition can show the progressive process of Ghasemi Brothers. Although the general quality of the exhibition seems to be fine, but still the qualitative structure of some of their works need more effort.