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Begin Your Collector Adventure

‌In recent years, the effective galleries in the Art Market of Tehran have been dedicating the last month of the year to the sale of famous artists’ works and those whose economic value of their work is increasing. This approach provides this opportunity for the audiences and buyers in this market to explore the less-known works of the artists and also the increased value of a work. The recent exhibition at Aria Gallery with the same approach has presented works of well-known Iranian artists, making it possible for buyers to purchase based on their own collection. The works presented in this show have been bought and sold several times and their prices vary based on the background of the artists.
“Begin your collector adventure without any risk” was perhaps a better title for this exhibition, as there was no work of young and lesser-known artists featured and the gallery owner did not intend to introduce a new artist there and most of the works presented are predictable at the market. The brokers and collectors seem to have welcomed this event well, as its investment interest rate has been high.