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Bahman Jalali’s Photography

Simultaneously with Bahman Jalali’s birth date, SilkRoad Gallery exhibited a selection of his former exhibitions in this gallery from the years between 2001 to 2009. Along with that, a book published by Nazar Publication was unveiled. The book contains a selection of about forty years of Jalali’s photography, under the supervision of Rana Javadi and an introduction by Reza Sheikh.

The statement says: ‘Bahman Jalali (1944-2010) studied economics and political science at Melli University in Tehran. Then he studied photography at John Vickers School of Photography and became a member of the Royal Photographic Society in London. He started his career as a photographer for Tamasha magazine since 1972 and taught photography at various institutions.’

The exhibition includes around 70 of his photographs from ‘Fishermen’ (1970) to his last series of ‘Image of Imagination’ (2007).

“The series that Jalali worked on were the result of years of photography. He worked prior to the revolution (Fishermen) and then photographed the revolutionary period. Later he did war photography and finally the ‘Image of Imagination’ series which you can see them all on display.” says Anahita Ghabaian, director of SilkRoad Gallery in describing the exhibition.

The lack of information about the collection such as title of the works, year or even their statement can be considered as a weakness of this exhibition.