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The online exhibition of Atoosa Alebouyeh on Silk Road Gallery website shows a form of staged photography that was revived in the post-internet era. This kind of approach towards staged photography does not fit into the process of its artistic history and is more considered as a beautiful advertising image. Although all the production components such as light, pose, costume design, stage design, and story serve the artist’s concept in staged photography, but they also play an important role in the image and show the visual culture of this kind of photography that was generally developed in photography’s late modernism.
All the unwritten deals have been discarded in Alebouyeh’s photographs, and she tries to produce a kind of beautiful and charming images that may be part of fashion and advertising photography.
Silkroad Gallery is holding online shows these days; a culture that has grown all over the world in the last decade, but what photo to choose for an online show is very important, which Silk Road Gallery does not seem to consider.
Generally, the visual characteristics of an image define the ratio between the image and its presentation, especially if they are to be shown on a monitor screen. Magnification, light turbulence, atmosphere, and quality of the image affect the reading of the photographs. Thus, this simple way chosen by Silk Road Gallery to present these works online can have a negative effect. In the end, it can be asked whether all the images can show all their dimensions in the context of a virtual exhibition?