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As She Slowly Walks Away

Reza Kianian’s works exhibited at Etemad Gallery are a formalistic approach with a poetic idea. As he has stated in his statement himself, he has always been influenced by his first exhibition titled “Pictures of Loneliness” and has repeated his other series of works with a different form. This time, his works “As She Slowly Walks Away” are closer to the cinema and he has added the narrative and human subject to them by a triptych installation; some fading subjects in move along the beach which have turned to get closer to a decorative atmosphere.

Due to the display of works in one of the most important galleries in Tehran, the question that arises is that in what extent Kianian’s works have been shaped in terms of technique and form. And how close is the result of the coexistence of this form and content to an artistic expression? Good-looking works with a well-known signature that can be easily bought and sold and give life to the poor market of galleries.