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Art, Function, Design

The design was first just forming a product so that it could be usable.
Da Vinci can be named the first designer. The concept of design in his idea included functional objects and was based on technic. At that time, the designer was more of an inventor than an artist. Later, Giorgio Vasari introduced the word “design” to the art world in its current definition. Today it is not only to satisfy human needs, but its communication function is also of special importance. Communication function means the language of the product which includes heterogeneous forms and expressions such as size, form, the structure of physical surfaces, motion, quality, material, color, graphic design, surface, sound, taste, smell, temperature, packaging, and external resistance. All this information has a huge impact -positive or negative- on the buyer’s potential. The language of product, also, is not just focused on the function of design, but more deals with the ability to convey information.
This event in Aria Gallery has provided conditions for presenting works of product designers and interior designers with no thematic restrictions which worths visiting.