Short Reviews

on Iranian

Contemporary Art


Amirhadi Shirzadi

In the fifth semester of my studies, for the documentary workshop with Mr. Nadjm Abadi, we had an exercise named “Every day’s Diaries”, which was the starting point of this project. I was already interested in this type of photography and was always taking pictures of everything close to me for no particular reason. For this project, I mixed the photographs with text and dates and gave them an order. I continued doing this until I had more photographs and I tried different forms of presentation for them to reach the final result.
The photographs in this project are like a series of visual notes that try to put some simple images together like a family album. For me, the other important part of this book is the socio-cultural similarities that these photographs carry with them. In other words, in the background, it is not only about my life as the photographer, but also about a common chapter of the lived experiences of a generation of Iranian middle-class youth over a specific period of time.
This project has no ending point for me and is still evolving. It is a long time that I do not dare to face life without a camera and photograph all the scenes that take place in front of me.
This project was once presented in form of a photo installation and once as a book. The photos here were selected from a large number of images. The whole collection can be found on the website of Tehran University’s Annual Photo Exhibition, the fifth edition.