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Ali Nadjian

Being away from Iran, it seems difficult to talk about the status and perspectives of art there. However, I believe that being an artisan (in the sense that dear Yahya Dehghanpour has always remembered Ahmad Ali and his work) is the missing link in Iranian art; searching and producing constantly, finding mastery of work tools, trial and error, and continuity, continuity, continuity.
The tremendous impact of such artists on their audiences and cronies is clearly visible through a brief look at Iran’s contemporary art. Artist as a philosopher and theorist, as a critic and speaker, and as someone under the thumb of the money-making mainstream in art.
It seems as if art has reached the state of saturation today and the number of artists of this kind is not small. They produce inaccessible artistic goods (whether financial or mental), while art shall be an accessible cultural commodity for us. The way out of such passive battle might be art and its production. Being an artisan would be the way to get rid of this dark situation.

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