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Ali Ettehad

Imagine a land with two flowing rivers. One with a wide area and seasonal floods and occasional droughts, and the other one is a small stream with calm sound and tiny continuous waves. These two rivers sometimes get close, even so they are often distanced from each other. The bigger river is the main stream art of Iran which is dealing with the field of “cultural industry” more than “art” in its particular meaning and the smaller river is Iran’s independent art stream.
The big one has severe floods and often nothing grows on its bed. It washes the soil away and erodes and wastes the fertile land; yet it can turn the large turbines. But the smaller one is continuous and does not dry. It sometimes slightly dehydrates, but never dries. It goes on its own path. Does not turn the wheel of profit, but saves many lives in times of famine and drought. The second river would stay if you block it. It stays till it accumulates and breaks the barrier. The small river lets you live beside it. Allows you to step in and experience new things in its coolness. The paths of many small streams have been cut to make the bigger river full; though the smaller one has been shaped by the spontaneous fusion of springs.
Look at the side of this stream. Can you see familiar faces? Cause if you do, then your relationship with art is quite close to its particular form.

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