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احمد امین نظر

Ahmad Amin Nazar

Ahmad Amin Nazar is a rare artist; a rare person. He is unique in being strict and cruelly bold with himself, in having a precise intelligence and an open mind and a deep understanding, in being not concerned about admiration and attention and praise and gathering novices around himself, in a way that any well-experienced person in art gets stuck with that.

In the sixth decade of his life, he is still that same stubborn and silent and dreamy teenager from desert area who goes to Fine Art School of Tehran, because he has realized it well that painting is all he wants. From that time till the end of university, proficiency and lots of drawing has distinguished him from the others. He is the one who does not give in to baseness and heads to Germany in the 80s, in those crazy years of customized works. He takes his perfect memory with himself and fills his pack with music and poetry and the sufferings of the second world war and the self-sufficiency and spontaneousness of painting is his rediscovery.

He returns to Iran restless and hard-working and his work in all periods is some drawings from human and animal figures and demons and jinn, internalized with a breath-taking and difficult skill, and is a mixture of his knowledge of Mohamad Siah-Qalam and German expressionists and the music, literature and current spirit of the time that he observes closely.

Ahmad Amin Nazar has no peer in Iran’s art.