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احمد عالی

Ahmad Aali

Ahmad Aali has a big right upon the art of Iran, but has not been appreciated as he should have. He has been painting for many years and is a great one. However, he has also been -and still is- so talented and avant-garde in photography. His delicacy and precision in photography and image arrangement is as well as his paintings; accurate and delicate and obsessive, and his understanding of art is beyond his time.

It is enough to take a look at his paintings and photographs to see his revelation in both equally. Indeed, there is no difference between the mediums for Ahman Aali. It would be difficult to find the thin border of medium in his works, from his painted self-portraits which he has put the elements in them together like a stage photographer, to the photographs which have provided an opportunity and excuse for expressing his artistic concepts and humor.

Perhaps, with no exaggeration, Ahmad Aali was the first person who made photography accepted during the turbulent years of art in the 60s and 70s.

What has kept his works in the mind of his fans after six decades, is his creativity, discovery, intuition and Indefatigability. An everlasting legacy for Iranian art, on par with paradigm-maker artists whom their difference might only be the geography they have lived in.

Simple, hard-working, humble and paradigm maker for the next generations and a full-length mirror in front of some young artists today who run before they can walk! Those you can find nothing behind their names except show off!