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Visions of nature that seem to be captured at the moment and show the effects of texture, shadow, and form on the surface caused by the strike of a brush, are the paintings of Alireza Adambakan, identified in the continuation of the process of his work. At the entrance of the gallery, there is a quote from Julie Mehretu, the well-known artist born in 1970: “There is no such thing as just landscape. The actual landscape is politicized through the events that take place on it.” The such idea can be found in these works which are some free and open visions. Most of the paintings depict scenes of the day and color is used as always as an important element. But what is most notable is the indescribable reconstructions of the mountains, trees, water, and rock that have led the artist to produce paintings that sometimes approach pure abstraction. The contrast between their mysterious darkness and the bright colors of their surroundings is so impressive that the audience is tempted to fantasize more than the paintings do. Adambakan’s painting behavior has always been expressionist and depicts various subjects; sometimes urban space, sometimes landscape, and sometimes human figures and portraits. Although their structure and surrounding may contradict each other, but his focus as a painter is usually on the issue of being present at the moment, and ultimately sharing a memorable visual event.