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Masoumeh Mozaffari’s paintings depict an intimate quality and familiar look and deal with private life and family scenes. Her exhibition at Azad Art Gallery titled “Absence” is an installation of six of her acrylic paintings on canvas, as the result of her two years of work during the coronavirus pandemic. They are scenes from the artist’s daily experience of her surroundings in the interior of a house and are reminiscent of silence with a representative expression in empty spaces with some soft gray colors and calm lights. She shows her subjects in various situations and gestures and surrounds them in a world of precise geometry with straight and planned brush strokes on large, unadorned surfaces. So, she proposes an empathetic understanding of the inner life of her subjects.
Her work can be considered as a part of collective life from a personal view, but in a simple and understandable language for everyone. This is one of the most important features of Masoumeh Mozaffari’s work, which causes extensive public communication with works.