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About Knotting the Air

Vahid Hakim is an intelligent and sharp artist. The image he has created over these years shows the repetition of visual behavior and approach in the course of his work, done in different ways and with great delicacy and patience. He seeks the possibility of mixing his own lived experience and tradition as if he wants to approach the essence of phenomena in order to narrate in the shortest possible way. Being familiar with the mechanism of the tradition, he has used the visual elements of the desert’s margins, such as handicrafts, domes arches, and domes refrigerators as the subject of his work, to represent and reproduce the element produced in the tradition. The image of this idea can be seen in different works of this exhibition; like the work with a circular form, in which the idea has been taken from looking inside a dome.
The works in this exhibition are some intertwined and unfolded forms, which are the result of putting together some points shaped on the paper by burnt marks. In this respect, there are some differences with his previous series, and the color is left aside. The title has also created an attractive semantic link. The word “mousighi” (music) is a word in the Syriac language, consisting of two words “mo” meaning air, and “saqi” meaning knotting. So, “mousighi” means knotting the air and sounds do so. This explanation has been given by Vahid Hakim about how the idea of this series was formed. A concept that is in line with the visual form of the works, is similar to weaving knotting together. Air, also, is the empty spaces. It is as if you are doing nothing, but tying the air and creating something from the heart of nothingness that is supposed to produce meaning.