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نمایشگاه دنيايى بدون چند تا چيز گالری هما

A World Without A Few Thin

A collection of works by Arsia Moghaddam has been exhibited at Homa Gallery, titled as “A World Without A Few Things”. Arsia’s visual language aligns with the characteristics of neo-expressionist works. The atmosphere of his work is a dreamy image of a crowded and chaotic society, full of different elements. Figures, faces and human characteristics that express feelings appropriate to their situation and also the perspective of the works, have a top-down view, and their triangular angle gives the audience the impression that they are watching everything from a CCTV camera. Moghaddam’s paintings are not limited to a specific time or space. Generally, there is no sign of any bitter or unfortunate event in depicted places and mostly include the wealthy community of the society.

There is only one work from this collection that is related to the present and shows his concerns; the one showing a pharmacy. The elements painted are a combination of Iranian and non-Iranian culture, from Ab-Gousht and local bread to the lines of classic cars and horse-drawn carriages. It is as if the artist has developed a utopia in his mind, with no border or nationality.

Works of Arsia Moghaddam, with all their chaos and rebellion that confuses the audience in the first place, eventually leads to his focus, discovering the elements and creatures and the depicted stories.     

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